Best Rated Shark Vacuums 2019 [Review + Pros and Cons]

After reviewing multiple vacuum brands, you’ve finally settled on Shark vacuums. That’s certainly a smart choice, since it’s among the most reputable vacuum brands; however, which is the best rated Shark vacuum? There’s a whole range of cordless, robot, upright, and corded stick vacuums. Plus, each category has about 5 different models to choose from. … Read moreBest Rated Shark Vacuums 2019 [Review + Pros and Cons]

11 Best Rated Commercial Grade Vacuum Cleaners (2019)

Whether you run  janitorial services, a school, a restaurant or even if you just want the vacuum for residential place, finding the best commercial vacuum or industrial grade vacuums, amongst all those  that are available on the market is vital.  As these vacuums are a whole different from what most people use in their homes. In order to … Read more11 Best Rated Commercial Grade Vacuum Cleaners (2019)

Best Vacuums under $200 2019

Is it possible to get the best vacuum under $200? The answer is yes, and most of these inexpensive vacuums will perform just as well, if not better than the highly priced ones. Spending thousands of dollars on a vacuum cleaner doesn’t always translate to finding a high-quality vacuum. There are cleaners in various forms these … Read moreBest Vacuums under $200 2019

Top Rated Bagged Vacuums 2019

Bagged vacuum cleaners undoubtedly offer better air-filtration performance compared to bagless vacuums.  As these vacuums have one extra layer of filtration.  Bagged vacuum cleaners have been in use for long, and have only got better with time and with more useful features being added. But which is the best bagged vacuum? Here, we review eight … Read moreTop Rated Bagged Vacuums 2019